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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: Everything You Need to Know

When U.S. President Joe Biden announced his plan to invest $1 trillion to revitalise infrastructure in the U.S. the news was welcomed by the megaproject industry, raising hopes of renewing a great deal of America’s infrastructure which many commentators had noted was “crumbling”. In August 2021, the bill passed the U.S. Senate with bipartisan support.

Today, we are giving you all the fast facts you need in order to understand what this investment means for the industry and what the future looks like for U.S. infrastructure.

Here is what we know so far:

Proposed Budget



$110 billion

Roads, bridges and major projects

To repair and rebuild roads and bridges with a heavy focus on climate-resilience

$11 billion

Transport safety

To reduce crashes and fatalities, especially for cyclists and pedestrians - the U.S. has one of the highest road traffic casualty rates in the industrialised world

$39 billion

Public transit

To replace thousands of transit vehicles and replace them with zero-emission vehicles, aiming to modernise transit and improve accessibility

$66 billion

Passenger and freight rail

To tackle the Amtrak maintenance backlog and bring world-class transit to areas beyond the northeast and mid-Atlantic

$7.5 billion

EV Infrastructure

To build a national network of electric vehicle chargers along highway corridors

$7.5 billion

Zero emission buses, low emission buses and ferries

To drive demand for U.S.-made batteries and vehicles and reduce pollution levels

$42 billion

Airports, ports and waterways

To support U.S. competitiveness by expediting commerce through modernising infrastructure

$50 billion

Resilience and Western Water Infrastructure

To build climate resilience into the infrastructure located in places where flooding is likely, bolstering flood defences and reducing the impact of climate change in these areas

$55 billion

Clean drinking water

To replace all of the nation’s lead pipes and service lines across the country

$65 billion

High-speed internet

To ensure that every American has access to reliable high-speed internet by deploying broadband infrastructure

$21 billion

Environmental remediation

To clean up superfund and brownfield sites, reclaim abandoned mine land and cap orphaned gas wells

$73 billion

Power infrastructure

To modernise America’s electric grid by building thousands of miles of resilient transmission lines and expand renewable energy sources

While the impact of the bill is yet to be seen, this is a significant event for our industry. Debates are set to continue between Democrats and Repbulicans over “hard” vs “human” infrastructure. As the U.S. government zeros in on revitalising the nation’s infrastructure, project companies must ensure they are equipped to deliver these mammoth projects on time, on budget and with fully realised benefits.

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Madeleine Jones Casey

Madeleine Jones-Casey

Business Writer at Foresight Works

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