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Our technology is grounded in the research know-how of our academic co-founder, Dr. Atif Ansar. Dr. Atif is the Founding Director of University of Oxford’s programme on Sustainable Capital-Intensive Industries.
At Oxford, Dr. Atif is a Fellow of Keble College and Programme Director of the Australian Major Project Leadership Academy at Oxford’s Saïd Business School. He is a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University.

Dr. Atif’s research on $1B+ megaprojects—such as road, rail, energy, transport, or connectivity infrastructure and integrated real estate developments—is widely cited and frequently featured in the media.

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Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 32(3), 360-390.

Dr. Atif’s paper on China’s infrastructure with colleagues is the “all-time top paper” for the TransportRN: Transportation & Economic Development topic on SSRN. SSRN is a social science research repository; in Malcolm Gladwell’s words, “SSRN: in my opinion, the greatest website on the Internet.”

The paper reports finding from the largest dataset of its kind on China’s infrastructure.

Atif presented the paper at Tsinghua University (China’s #1 ranked university according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings) in April 2018. He was subsequently appointed a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University’s renowned School of Economics and Management.

Chine building new bridges, construction workers

China’s New Bridges

The New York Times featured Dr. Atif’s research on China on their website frontpage. See more here and enjoy the cool drone footage of China’s New Bridges.