The future of megaprojects

Megaprojects are increasingly dominating the global landscape both physically and figuratively.

FMI predicts that within the next 5 years megaprojects could account for over 20% of total spending on construction. Megaprojects have become central in infrastructure plans around the world. In the US, President Biden committed to “prioritising infrastructure in a new way” with a $2.3 trillion investment in infrastructure. In China, the government is pledging billions in megaproject investment in hopes of reversing its slowed economic growth.

We want to start a discussion around some of the most exciting developments in the large infrastructure industry.

This series draws upon the extensive experience and cutting-edge thinking here at Foresight Works to provide insight into the future of these transformational projects. Using the expertise of our team, we will take a deep dive into projects from around the globe which demonstrate the incredible impact of the megaproject boom. The series will then look at the challenges which these huge projects are likely to face going forward during uncertain times. 

Global Perspectives 

The Future of Megaprojects will take readers around the world to explore projects which reflect the centrality of large-scale construction in the future of the infrastructure industry. We will assess the various strengths and dive into the problems which have consumed some of these developments. The question of how well these challenges have been tackled is vital to building a better understanding of how megaprojects owners can avoid the same mistakes in the future.

The series is shaped by the research expertise of our academic co-founder, Dr Atif Ansar, the Founding Director of the University of Oxford’s programme on Sustainable Capital-Intensive Industries. Having been published in the Nature, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Energy Policy and Petroleum Review to name a few publications, Dr Ansar’s expert opinion has made him a leading thinker in the field. His contributions to this blog series make it an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to expand their understanding of megaprojects and their role in the future of the industry.

Foresight is Fundamental

The Future of Megaprojects will demonstrate the value gained through the strategic initiatives made possible by Foresight Works. Only at Foresight Works is world-leading expertise combined with innovative technology to serve the owners of megaprojects with independent, unbiased data and insights.

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Madeleine Jones Casey

Madeleine Jones-Casey

Business Writer at Foresight Works

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